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        2. About us
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          Zhejiang Dongyang Environmental Technology Ltd., is a qualified national high-tech enterprise, since established in 2000, we have been specializing in water solution business including water treatment equipment development, design, manufacturing, sales and service.

          Our main products are hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membrane and complete sets of equipment, tubular micro-filtration membrane and complete sets of equipment, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis equipment, continuous electro-deionization apparatus, integrated catalytic oxidation devices, which have a higher market share in the fields of electronic packaging industry, photovoltaic industry, chemical fiber industry and so on. And we have accumulated rich experience in engineering practice in pure water production of ultra pure water, wastewater reuse, wastewater treatment projects.

          As a member of membrane Industry Association of China, our company was qualified as a national high-tech enterprise in 2009,in the same year a wholly-owned subsidiary Huzhou Senblue environmental technology Ltd. was established, which was also qualified as the national high-tech enterprise. The company attaches great importance to enterprise's independent intellectual property creation and accumulation, currently owns 38 patents ,and was named the most investment value of small and medium enterprise in Zhejiang Province in 2010.