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          Products  Solution
          Position: process engineer / Craft
          Number of recruits:  4 Work area:  Huzhou
          Gender requirements:  non-limited Age requirements:  25-45
          Academic requirements:  College degree Nature of work:  full time
          Release time:  2015-07-29
           Detailed requirements:

          Job requirements:   
          1, Environmental engineering, water supply and drainage, chemical processing, mechanical engineering, chemical industry and other professional college education. 
          2、 2 Years of water treatment process design experience and equivalent length of work experience in water treatment industry skills a plus.  
          3Skilled in conventional accounting process: 
          ◆ General equipment selection 
          ◆ General layout and conditions of construction 
          ◆ Skilled in autocad 、 office Applications such as 
          4, Located in huzhou 
          Job description: 
          1、 According to the project implementation plan and customer needs, complete the design process design and routine work, ensure that the product meets standards.  
          2、 Process design of complete projects assigned by supervisor, coordinating the relationship between customers and to help control the schedule, quality and cost of the project.  
          3, With the completion of the project technology and process of as-built drawings and data preparation. 
          4, Participation in school of project design, audit, core assessment work, responsible for the project of your own design. 
          5And cooperation procurement from purchasing, especially on irregular procurement of equipment. 
          6Design work, along with other projects. 
          Compensation and benefits: 
          1Interviews, specific treatment 
          2And payment of five insurance payments, medical, travel, training, statutory holidays, annual leave, holiday gifts, 
          3, The company offers factory car, field personnel can arrange accommodation, lunch; 
          Human resources(HR) department: 0572-3961018