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          Products  Solution
          Position: water works sales
          Number of recruits:  4 Work area:  Huzhou
          Gender requirements:  male Age requirements:  20-60
          Academic requirements:  High school Nature of work:  full time
          Release time:  2015-08-25
           Detailed requirements:

          Job requirements: 
          1, Technical secondary school or above, majored in mechanical, design, marketing, environmental engineering and other related professionals limited 
          2, Can skilled use of Office software, PPT Best AUTOCAD Floor plan 
          3, Engaged in water treatment sales, design or related engineering work at least 1 Years or above 
          4, Outgoing, love the sales work, travel, team-oriented, hardworking and has a good ability of communication and coordination 
          5, Located in huzhou, where conditions are particularly good, work place can be interviewed 
          Job description: 
          1, Completing designated sales targets 
          2, General Sales Manager for information collection, analysis and consolidation of the market, and provide timely and accurate market information; 
          3, Participation in product branding work, improve the company's brand awareness and develop new customers. 
          1And the basic salary plus Commission, specific treatment interviews 
          2And payment of five insurance payments, medical, travel, training, annual leave, holiday gifts, 
          3, The company offers factory car, field personnel can arrange accommodation, lunch; 
          Human resources department: 0572-3961018