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          ? DONGYANGTMexteal pressure type SFX-N series module by NIPS(wet process) preparation of PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, with a long service life, high throughput, high anti-pollution capacity, water quality and stability characteristics.

          ? DONGYANGTM SFX-N Series ultrafiltration components structure of exteal pressure, selectable dead-end filtration, flow, runs two ways, ensuring that more than 90%.

          ? DONGYANGTM SFX-N Ultrafiltration using the safe and reliable design, gas flow distribution, water quality more broadly, the product can remain stable and reliable under extreme operating conditions.

          ? The company is based on many years of continuous innovation, development and investment, large-scale use in desalination, water And preparation of ultrapure water pretreatment and wastewater, water reuse and other fields.


          ? Characteristics of ultrafiltration technology

          Long service life

          ? PVDF membrane material, oxidation resistance, high chemical resistance;

          ? Double seals at both ends, soft flexible roots not easily broken;

          ? Proprietary blend formula, high compressive and tensile strength

          High flux and low energy consumption

          ? High surface porosity and uniform pore size, membrane resistance, high water flux;

          ? Exteal pressure structure, high filtration efficiency, large amount of dirt, easy to clean

          Water quality stability

          ? Nominal pore size of 0.03 μ m,PVDF membrane material sieve apertures in the smallest one of the manufacturers;

          ? Membrane composed of a dense layer and the layer structure, high retention rate;

          ? Patented hydrophilic modification of permanent water, greatly improved stain resistance.

          ? Technical parameters

          Category Project Model
          SFX-N-2660 SFX-N-2860 SFX-N-2880
          The membrane characteristics Membrane material PVDF
          Filter Exteal pressure
          / Outer diameter mm 0.7/1.3
          Effective membrane area m2 33 52 78
          Filter pore size μm 0.03
          Standard flux L/(m2. hr. Bar.25℃) ≥400
          Design of water flux L/m2.hr 40-120
          Cleaning pH Range 2-11
          CEB Residual chlorine concentration mg/L 2000
          Operating temperature ℃ 1-40
          Maximum inlet pressure MPa 0.5
          Maximum TMP MPa 0.21
          Maximum turbidity of the water NTU 300
          Single membrane gas strength m3/hr 5-12
          Gas pressure MPa <0.2

          ? Structure size

          Model L L1 L2 L3
          SFX-N-2660 1860 1500 1610 1710

          Model L L1 L2 L3
          SFX-N-2860 1860 1500 1630 1820
          SFX-N-2880 2360 2000 2130 2320

          Model L L1 L2 L3
          SFX-N-D-2860 1860 1510 1595 215