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          ? Shrimp cultivation of sea water purification system 
          ? At present in aquaculture, especially in shrimp cultivation in the increasing demand for the water, through a number of practical results, use purified water to cultivate larvae, can improve quality and survival rate of larvae, while factory farming to reduce the use of salt water and energy consumption. 
          ? Ultrafiltration treatment system has the following advantages: 
          ? ⑴ removal of seawater algae, Colloid, protein particle suspension, elimination of sources of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in water 。 
          ? (2) remove most bacteria and viruses in the water, reducing the chance of developing of shrimp. 
          ? ⑶ save about 20% About artificial sea water amount, saving distribution cost of seawater. 
          ? (4) reduce energy consumption, save heating costs. 
          ? ⑸ reduces the number of grooves, reduce labor intensity. 
          Areas of application

          Cultivating giant river prawn macrobrachium rosenbergii foster

          Penaeus vannamei cultivation areas of application:

          Customer case

          Huzhou source of aquaculture, Ltd
          Huzhou source of aquaculture, Ltd

          ×Huzhou source of aquaculture, Ltd

          Project profile: net
          Customer name:
          Source of huzhou aquatic products limited 
          Project outline:
          Water purification system 
          Project type: 

          7000m3/d Water purification system 
          4500m3/d Water filtration system 
          Wastewater reuse