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          Boiler water supply system:
          Normally the water will not be directed into the boiler before be treated. Boiler supply water is part of the water power plant, General settings set in the power plant water treatment plant is water workshop, water plant to produce demineralized water, demineralized water is mainly used for boiler supply water. 
                 The company uses " UF+ two pass RO+EDI" UF+ one pass RO+ Mixed bed " Technology , System water quality reaches the boiler supply water quality standards, to meet customer demand. 
          ? Areas of application:- low pressure boiler supply water 
                                            - medium / High pressure boiler feed water for boiler supply water system: 

          RO Water reuse: 
          Pure water system would emit large amounts of UF/RO Concentrated water. In order to improve the recovery rate, and water reuse. 
          The company uses " UF+ one pass RO" Technology , Effluent quality meets the boiler water supply system water requirements. 
          Areas of application:
          - Low pressure boiler makeup water 
          medium- / High pressure boiler water supply 

          Customer case

          Saint-Gobain (Xuzhou) pipeline co
          Saint-Gobain (Xuzhou) pipeline co

          ×Saint-Gobain (Xuzhou) pipeline co

          Customer name: Saint-Gobain (Xuzhou) pipeline co 
          Project outline: Boiler water 
          Project type: 1440m3/d Boiler supply water system
          BSS, Yulin energy limited
          BSS, Yulin energy limited

          ×BSS, Yulin energy limited

          Customer name: BSS energy limited in Yulin city 
          Project outline:
          Boiler supply water system 
          Project type:
          240m3/d Boiler supply water system 

          Northern heavy industries group limited
          Northern heavy industries group limited

          ×Northern heavy industries group limited

          Customer name: Northe heavy industries group limited 
          Project outline: Boiler supply water system 
          Project type: 6000m3/d Boiler supply water system 
          Jinshan bridges Xuzhou electric co
          Jinshan bridges Xuzhou electric co

          ×Jinshan bridges Xuzhou electric co

          Customer name: Jinshan bridges Xuzhou electric co 
          Project outline: Boiler make-up water system 
          Project type: 2400m3/d Boiler make-up water system